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Also, the eSim was instrumental in identifying holes in my knowledge and understanding. In short, the study guide is very helpful! Quality and Risk were the majority of the questions so know these areas. Dump sheet of the 5x9x42 along with the formulas will help at the exam. As a tip — you have to really understand the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Understanding the difference between QA and QC and when they are performed, and how it tied into Verify Scope was tough for me. He only has one study day left before his final exam.

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What should he do next? A- Quietly sneak out of the house and join the circus. B- Pull an all-nighter or two and cram like crazy. C- Take a pill, blow off the next day and cruise into the exam in full confidence. Professional Responsibility seemed to be everywhere so please read the code of conduct very well. Pick your answer and move to the next one. I spent more time than necessary at the beginning and ran out of time at the end.

Go for it! I had a few network diagrams looking for float.

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Definately know scope verification vs quality conformance. Know analogous vs bottom up. Had 1 Order of magnitude question, know the ranges to A few on resource levelling. A few on differences between close project vs. Lots on schedule compression, when to use crashing vs. Very situational questions. Lots of math, lucky for me! Also, I did better on the actual test than I did on the e-sim. I found the first half of the test wordy and discouraging but flew through the second half and had time to review. Finally, I had nothing on the statistical distributions at all.

But you already have a few of those on the e-SIM — pretty simple stuff. I also have EV question where the old term for the value was used in the question. And there were only a few questions on contract types and they were very simple. Fixed Price; 2. Cost reimbursable; 3.

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Six or seven questions were calculations. Only one network diagram, 2 or 3 cost performance calculation, 3 were contract related calculation questions and one risk probability question. The contract questions were complex questions and remaining calculation were simple and straight forward. I was expecting a lot of mathematical calculation and network and other analysis questions; I only had 7 or 8 questions on the exam.

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There were to were scenario questions and remaining questions were from all kinds of categories like Input, Output, TNT, and Calculation questions. Dear Director, I want to thank the e-sim team. The support was also very-very good. Excellent response. I found the e-Sim quizzes and exams very helpful both to understand the PMBOK concepts, as well as to examine my self-study progress. Following the quizzes by process area and knowledge helped me to identify which areas required more time and effort.

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  5. Although this alone may not be enough, but it helped in identifying the areas of further reading. I will surely recommend this for other prospective PMPs. The e-SIM Training Center was my primary study aid during my test preparation, and the place where I spent the majority of my preparation time. In fact, I found the e-SIM test questions to be more difficult than the actual test. Thank you for making this excellent study guide available to those interested in earning the PMP certification.

    The questions are very similar in nature and they ensure you understand the context of what you are reading in PMBOK. I followed the 14 day study plan and passed with flying colours. I took the time to complete every eSIM test available…. It takes time but the dedication pays off. I was glad I was very familiar with the formulas.

    The PMP Personal COACH is like no other PMP exam simulator on the market.

    It would have been much more difficult without it. The handy condensed notes and tips and the brainstorming 14 day study plan helped to achieve the objective. The self supported forum helped every one to share, understand the questions and view the answers provided by experienced professionals.

    PMP Exam Cram: Project Management Professional, 5th Edition

    The brain dump was extremely helpful to revise and recall the important terms and calculations. Definitely It would have been not possible to become certified PMP without your kind co-operation and helpful attitude. Thanks a million. Yours truly, Balaji Thangavel P. I found your sample questions to be quite similar in nature to the actual exam.

    I encourage students to try taking these samples in preparation for the exam as it helps ensure the material is understood and not merely memorized. The e-Sim closely simulates the real exam and I found the PMP series of final exams are a very good preparation tool for the real exam. The degree of difficulty of the final series of tests is close to the real PMP exam.

    The practice of using timers even for short tests like the pre and post tests greatly helped me in dealing with time pressure.

    groupdeal354leonardo.dev3.develag.com/microsoft-office-project-server-2007-the-complete.php The questions forum is a very good idea and it is nice to have an experienced PMP like Cindy Bell at the other end to answer the questions in a timely manner. I would like to encourage everyone to spend considerable time with the e-simulators and definitely exploit the questions forum. Kris Jayakrishnan, PMP When you look at all the books available on project management and the wide range of topics that are encompassed, it can bring your ambitions to a stop. As you think you have acquired mastery of each step, progressively longer testing is conducted to either confirm or provide feedback on areas needing further study.

    The evolving depth of the material is housed in a stable shareware foundation for course delivery. The presentation style is unique compared to similar online offerings: colorful and original, so less dry.


    Rather than just feeding back the information in the PMBOK, the emphasis was on making you think beyond the principles provided and on a wide range of outside sources. While a suggested study guide was provided for the ambitious, the courseware provided can be molded to fit your own study pattern. Ed Tobias, PMP All the information available in the e-Sim was crucial for me to benchmark myself in a very practical environment that exactly simulates the Exam.